The text of this evening's robo-call -- Feb. 24, 2015

Hello Marshall families,

We've got a number of important updates for you this evening, so please stay on the line for the next couple minutes to find out all about what's happening at Marshall School.

Our 28th annual Science Fair Open House will take place tomorrow evening, Wednesday, February 25th, from 5:00-6:30.  We hope you are planning to attend.  The entire school gym is filled with an amazing array of interesting and informative projects.

Also we will hold our annual Kindergarten Early Enrollment Open House tomorrow evening at the school from 4:30-6:30.  If you have a student who will be entering kindergarten next year, or know of some who has, now is the best time to enroll a student at Marshall.

We will be holding our second round of Academic Parent Teacher Team meetings during our upcoming spring Connect To School Event on Wednesday, March 11, during the afternoon.  We hope you will plan to attend this important group meeting with your child's teacher to review overall achievement and the goals we set at the beginning of the year.  You will find more information about out Connect To School event schedule, and an RSVP for childcare at that time, in the new issue of the Marshall Magnet newsletter, which will be sent home with your child this week.

Finally, we want to be sure you're aware that Arizona's newly elected governor, Doug Ducey, has recently proposed a bill which would require all Arizona school districts to reduce "non-classroom" spending by 5%.  It might seem, initially, that such a cut in spending would have little impact on our day to day operations or our ability to carry out our mission.  However, such a cut would not only have a lasting effect on school administration and front office staff, it would also adversely impact custodial services, food services, transportation services, telephone services, counseling services, nursing services, instructional support services, as well as RTI and special education teachers.

Overall, if required to make 5% cuts in the aforementioned areas FUSD would be compelled to reduce spending by more than $1.7 million in these areas.

Several other bills that will have dire impacts on public education in Arizona are also making their way through the state legislature right now.  Time is running short to let your voice be heard in this process.  Brenda Barton ((602) 926-4129), Sylvia Allen ((602) 926-5219), and Bob Thorpe ((602) 926-5219) represent our region in the Arizona State Legislature.  Their office telephone numbers and emails addresses, along with the governor's contact information, are available on the school blog.

As always, if you missed any portion of this message, the entire text is available on our Facebook page and the school blog:

Thanks for listening.  Goodbye.

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