The text of this evening's robo-call - Sept. 29, 2014

Hello Marshall families,

It's hard to believe September's almost over.  The first weeks of the school year have simply flown by.  October is just around the corner, that means it's almost Gallop season!

We'll hold our annual jog-a-thon fundraiser, the one-and-only Mustang Gallop, this Friday morning, October 3rd, on the field at the school.  Please help your child gather per-lap or one-time contributions for their run. One hundred percent of the monies raised for the Gallop will be used by Marshall for school-wide improvements.

October is also Parent Teacher Conference month.  Our teachers will be corresponding with you soon to make arrangements for you to set a time for your child's fall conference during the week of October 13.  We hope you will plan to attend.

FASTWorks, a free parenting class taught by our on-site Parenting Arizona coordinator, Peggy Murray, takes place in the Gym every Tuesday evening.  The group will meet for the second time this year tomorrow evening, September 30, at 5:30.  It's not too late to get involved. Everyone's welcomed.  We hope to see you there.

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that the entirety of Bonito Street, from the middle school all the way past Marshall, is a school zone during school hours.  The fifteen mile per hour speed limit applies the entire length of the roadway where the curbs are painted yellow.  Similarly, there can be no stopping to off-load students in the red zones in front of the school.  Flagstaff PD patrols our school zone regularly, and both of the aforementioned concerns are ticketable offences.  We thank you for being commonly courteous, for signaling your turns, and for being patient, safe, and aware at all times, whenever you're picking up or delivering your children at the school.  Your child's safety is our top priority.

Have a nice evening everyone.


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