The text of tonight's robo-call -- July 31, 2014

Hello Marshall families,

Can you believe it? School starts in just one week, next Thursday morning, August 7th.  We're super-excited to soon see all  of you for the start of the 2014-2015 school year!

Class lists are still up on the front doors of the school.  Please stop by anytime to check out who will be your child's teacher this year.

Also, as you prepare for the first day of school, please remember, unless you've made arrangements to have your child enrolled in the FACTS program before and after-school program, your students must not be left at the school before 8:15 in the morning, when we have adults on duty to supervise them.

Breakfast service and morning recess will begin at 8:15 as well.

Our first bell of the day rings every morning during the school year at 8:35 and the tardy bell always rings at 8:40.

When picking up and dropping off your child at Marshall, please remember that students must not enter or exit your vehicle in the red-painted-curb zones in front of the school.  Flagstaff police make regular patrols of our school zone mornings and afternoons throughout the year.  We encourage you to park in either parking lots to the west of the school when picking up and dropping off your child.  Crossing guards are on duty beginning at 8:15 each morning to assist your child safely across the street.

Kindergarten parents, please don't forget: all of our kindergarten students will eat lunch at 10:30 on the first day of school, Thursday, August 7th, and then be dismissed to go home at 11:30.  You're encouraged to be here at that time to follow your child's bus home.  Remember: an adult family-member must always meet our kindergarten students at the bus stop, every day after school, all year long.

Everyone else will be released from school at 3:20 on the first day of school.  Likewise, on the second day of school, Friday, August 8th, we will dismiss school at our usual 12:25 dismissal time.

Once again, before and after-school child care is available on-site for a nominal fee through the FUSD FACTS program.  Scholarships are also available for families who qualify.  Information about the FACTS program can be obtained in the school office or online at

Thanks for listening, everyone.  As always, if you missed any portion of this message, the text is available on our Facebook page and on our school blog:

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


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