The Common Core Standards

There's been a lot of talk on the airwaves and across the Internet lately about the new Common Core State Standards (in Arizona they're officially called College And Career Ready Standards).  Over the course of the past several years, the Common Core Standards have been adopted by most states, and will be fully implemented by many of them in the next year or two, Arizona included.

At Marshall and within FUSD, we're in the process of retooling our curriculum and instruction at every grade level to match with the expectations found within the Common Core Standards and, likewise, with the new AIMS (often called PARCC) test which has also been redesigned to better align with the Common Core.

Our teachers have all been to (or will soon attend) a series of trainings and seminars in both English Language Arts and Math to familiarize them with the new content found within the Common Core Standards.  All of our district curriculum maps have been rewritten to comply with the Standards.  And, as a faculty, we have spent a significant amount of time previewing the new forms of instruction and assessment which will be required of us as teachers to ensure our students are each prepared for the Common Core Standards, too.

There's no shortage of information available online about the Common Core.  But below is one of of the shortest and easiest-to-understand videos we've found on the subject of what the Common Core Standards initiative hopes to accomplish.  We hope you find it informative.

As the 2014-2015 school year draws near we will continue to update you regarding our ongoing process of adopting and implementing the Arizona's College And Career Ready Standards (aka The Common Core Standards) at Marshall Magnet School.


The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe -- ch. 7

Mr. Coe says, "Thanks to Mrs. Bianco's class for inviting me in to read from The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe."  We read chapter 7 together: A Day With The Beavers.

The previous chapters can each be viewed at the following links:

  • Chapter 1 -- Lucy Looks Into A Wardrobe
  • Chapter 2 -- What Lucy Found There
  • Chapter 3 -- Edmund And The Wardrobe
  • Chapter 4 -- Turkish Delight
  • Chapter 5 -- Back On This Side Of The Door
  • Chapter 6 -- Into The Woods
  •

    The Text Of This Evening's Robo-call

    Hello Marshall families,

    We've got just a few last-minute updates for you this evening as we all prepare for the upcoming long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

    First of all, don't forget, tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 26th, is a full day of school, which means we will be in session from 8:35 until 3:20, as usual.  We will not have school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.  We hope you're able to spend time during this long holiday weekend with those that you love.

    We'll see you back at school on Monday, Dec. 2nd.

    Please don't forget, our annual canned food drive will continue until Friday, Dec. 6th.  Please remember to bring in a few cans as a donation to local food banks and Marshall's own Parenting Arizona program.

    On the subject of donations, we will be taking our massive, overflowing lost and found clothing collection to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters donation box across the street on Friday, Dec. 20th.  If your child recently lost or misplaced a jacket, lunchbox, or other clothing item, please plan to look through our lost and found at some point prior to Dec. 20th.

    Don't forget: all tax credit contributions must be turned in to the school or postmarked prior to Dec. 31st.  Your donation can be made online at  Marshall's magnet programs depend on your annual tax credit contributions.

    Last of all, just a friendly reminder: we're not able to provide supervision of student prior to 8:15 in the morning.  Please enroll your child in the FACTS program if your schedule requires that you to leave them at the school before 8:15.  FACTS registration packets are available online and in the school office.

    Thanks for listening. As always, if you missed any portion of this message the text is available on the school blog:


    The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe -- Chapter 6

    Mr. Coe says, "Thanks, Mrs. Paulsen's kindergarten, for inviting me in to read!"

    Into The Forest 
    Chapter 6
    The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe 

    The videos for chapters 1-5 can be found here.


    The Text Of Sunday Evening's Robo-call

    Hello Marshall families,

    We've got just a few important updates for you this evening so please stay on the line to find out what's happening at Marshall during the latter half of the month of November.

    Please plan to contribute a few canned goods to our annual holiday canned food drive.  Proceeds from this event will be donated to local food banks as well as Marshall's Parenting Arizona and FAST programs to benefit many of our families.  The canned food drive will run from Monday, November, 18 through Friday, December 6th.

    Picture retakes will take place during the school day this Wednesday, November 20th.  Only students who were not present during pictures last month, or whose parents have requested retakes will sit for pictures on Wednesday.  However, all Marshall staff members should remember to be in the music room at 8:00 on Wednesday morning for our all-staff picture, which we weren't able to take last time due to Walk To School Day.

    Don't forget: school will be dismissed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, November 27th, 28th, and 29th.  We'll return to school after the holiday on Monday, December 2nd.

    Finally, we'd like to make the first of several appeals to you this evening to remember Marshall School's need of your annual Tax Credit contribution which must be made before December 31st.  Your tax credit donations to our school are essential to making it possible for us to sustain and grow our unique, one-of-a-kind magnet programs and fieldtrip opportunities at Marshall  The educational experience of every child at Marshall is enriched by your annual tax credit contributions.

    More information about the Arizona School Public School Tax Credit program, as well as the text of this message, can always be found on the school blog:


    2013 Canned Food Drive

    Our annual school-wide holiday canned food drive, sponsored by our awesome Student Council, officially begins next week, on Monday, November 18th, and will run through December 6th.

    Half the food items collected will go to Northern Arizona Food Bank and half will go to Marshall's own Parenting Arizona & FAST programs.  Classes will be challenged to collect the most cans.

    As always, we need a few volunteers to help Ms. McFall and the Student Council members gather all the cans from classrooms on December 6th.  If you're available in the morning that day, please let us know: 928 773 4030.


    PTO meeting minutes -- Nov. 6, 2013

    Marshall Elementary Magnet School PTO
    Meeting Minutes

    Wednesday November 6, 2013 6:30pm
    Next meeting: December 4th  6:30-7:30

              Christie Kinkade ran tonight’s meeting (17 in attendance)

    1.        General Report
    ·         Jog-a-thon Update: $14,763.15 raised so far. Money still trickling in. Mrs. Hulls 1st grade class earned a smoothie party & a $50 Target card for having 90% participation. And, Mrs. Kohl’s 5th grade class earned a smoothie party & a $50 Target card for raising the most money.
    o    Update on Playground-FUSD got the APS grant for the solar classroom. (similar to the size at deMiguel-150KW) Power will be provided to our building & kick back out as well to the community.
    §  Kindergarten playground is planned to be moved close to scoreboard. Antique equipment will be removed.
    §  Leveling & grading will be done to fix the field.
    §  Most likely basketball courts will have new concrete laid & concrete pads will be added as well.
    §  FUSD doesn’t know how much money PTO has to contribute to the playground after all of the above is done.
    §  Playground committee will work with PTO to spend the money in the account.
    ·         Exploration Stations update: About 30 vendors will fill the halls of Marshall on November 14th. We will have passports this year for the kids.
    ·         School Cents: meeting next week. Will get a new flyer to get to families.
    ·         Box Tops: Mrs. Pagel, Mrs. Bull & Mrs. Kohl & Ms. Fisher classes all received a pizza party for being the top 3 Box top classes! Thank you Candyce & Vince Martinez!

    2.        Upcoming Events

    ·         Canned Food Drive-November 18th-December 6th
    ·         Cookie Walk-Thursday, December 12th -Karen Haubensak, April Gabaldon & Andrea Shaw spearheading this event.
    ·         Teacher Appreciation Breakfast- Wednesday, December 18th.  
    ·         Bike to school day-Alpine Pedaler has agreed to lead the crowd in the crab from Wheeler park. Also, they have graciously given us 2 pub crawl tickets to use for promoting ‘bike to school’ day. Maybe a teacher contest?

    3.            Principal’s Report -- Oct-Nov 2013
    We survived Walk To School Day and Picture Day which both occurred on 09 Oct. and we’re pleased to report that we won Walk To School Day and that pictures have already been delivered and sent home with students.
    A small contingent of the FUSD and Marshall School community attended the Flagstaff Community Foundation Awards on 17 Oct. to receive more than $5,000 in grant money to ensure the sustainability of the Suzuki violin program at Marshall.
    Parent- Teacher Conferences took place on 15-17 Oct. School was released early each day, and our teachers were able to spend valuable time with our students’ parents discussing their progress. Parent teacher conferences will occur again in March. The Clothing Drive also took place during our conferences-week; many families show up to “shop” our annual give-way.
    The Second Response To Intervention (RTI) cycle began on 28 Oct. Classroom teachers and our RTI specialists, Jessica Grant and Joy Pavich, spent many hours poring over our benchmark testing data to rearrange students by hand into one of the many daily intervention groups we’ve put in place to meet their needs, from our most exceptional students to those who require the greatest support.
    The Second Grading Period, likewise, began on 18 Oct. This grading period will conclude with report cards being sent home early in January.
    One of our most unique and popular annual magnet opportunities, fifth grade Taiko drumming, has begun again with the return of our one-of-a-kind instructor, Tony Trapasso. The three week artist in residency will conclude with a public student Taiko drumming performance on 20 Dec. at the former Flagstaff Middle School Gym at 9:30 a.m.
    Teachers were able to attend a two-hour Professional Development seminar on 01 Nov. led by our RTI specialists and me which was geared toward helping our teachers become better prepared for the new PARCC assessment which will require our students to use iPads to demonstrate their mastery of the new Common Core State Standards.
    We collected more than $400.00 towards the required Tax Credit Participation fee which was
    sufficient to demonstrate our “earnest effort” to collect this required fee. This state insists we collect this fee if we are to be allowed to use Tax Credit money to support our extracurricular programs.
    Our annual Tax Credit contribution drive begins in earnest next week following our Site Council
    meeting on Tuesday, 12 Nov. We only have until 31 December to collect these crucial contributions. Without Tax Credit contributions our magnet programs would cease to exist. Families may contribute up to $400.00 and individuals up to $200.00. All Tax Credit contributions are a dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes you otherwise owe to the state. Tax Credit works for you, and it works for us by allowing Marshall to provide many unique magnet programs to your students free of charge, and by allowing you to have direct control over where and how your tax dollars are spent. More information about the Arizona Public School Tax Credit program is available on the

    4.            Treasurer’s Report
              General account = $17,600
              Jog-a-thon account = $38,000

    5.            Council Reports-
    a.    Magnet Monday Showcase coming in December
    b.    FUSD April 2nd-Science night. We will have to see if our vendors for Exploration Stations would want to do two events.

    6.            Discussion-
    a.    Giving Tree-Liz Hobbs was going to speak to Peggy Murray to incorporate into our school for the holiday season.
    b.    Parent Involvement committee-look for a few dates through the year when the front doors of Marshall will be open to parents to come into the classroom for the 1st hour of school.
    c.    Possible local restaurant fundraiser.


    2013 Tax Credit Information

    Marshall Magnet School
    2013 Governor's Arts Award winner
    As you probably already know: No other school in Flagstaff provides the unique learning opportunities that every child, including yours, receives at Marshall Magnet School.  How?  Because of the Tax Credit contributions people like you make to our school each year.

    Any Arizona tax-payer may make a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall Magnet School.

    If you haven't already done so, we hope you are planning to make your annual Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School before December 31.  The Arizona Public School Tax Credit program provides great advantages both to you and to our school. 

    Thus far, this school-year alone, at Marshall Magnet School we've spent over $38,000.00 in Tax Credit contributions on our one-of-a-kind magnet programs and activities including field-trips, Taiko drumming, Suzuki violin, contemporary dance, Lego League, Team MasterMind, and Chess Club, as well as many other Magnet Monday electives, such as digital media, painting, and photography lab.  

    Each dime of your contribution has been spent to broaden and enrich the educational learning experiences of  every student at Marshall.  Every kid at Marshall has received benefit from these contributions, and they will continue to, year after year, provided we are to be able to raise these funds in order to sustain our award-winning programs.

    As demonstrated by our imaginary tax-payers below (click an image to enlarge it), Arizona's Tax Credit program works to the advantage of most tax-payers.  Whether you're a single parent, a married family filing jointly, or an more mature couple with grown children, Arizona's Tax Credit program enables you to give part of your annual state taxes directly to Marshall Magnet School, rather than to the state Department Of Revenue.

    This rare opportunity, to determine exactly how your tax dollars are spent by providing direct support to Marshall School's unique magnet programs, is your chance to directly benefit your child's, and every child's, public school experience at Marshall Magnet School.  Marshall School can and will make that promise to you.  The state of Arizona cannot.

    Single ParentMarried with childrenRetired couple
    Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Tax Credit contributions directly reduce the Balance Of Tax that you would otherwise owe to the state.  Tax Credit contributions are not deductions, nor are they a kind of exemption.  Tax Credit contributions to Marshall School are a direct dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes that you must pay.  Your choice in the matter, however, is to take advantage of Arizona's Tax Credit program and contribute these dollars to Marshall Magnet School, or decide that you wold rather give those dollars to the state.

    Every single Tax Credit dollar that you contribute to Marshall Magnet School goes directly into sustaining and developing our well-established, unique, and meaningful Arts and Science magnet programs at every grade level. All Marshall students, including your own, benefit from your contribution!

    Below, as another example, is a per-grade-level break-down of the costs of our special magnet-school programs during a recent school year, which were paid for entirely by grants, Dodgeball, and your Tax Credit contributions:
    Magnet Programs: Reggio Emilia Art Integration ($11,500), Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($10,633) and Water in our World Science Program ($600) Total Cost: $22,733.00 

    1st Grade

    Magnet Programs: Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($9,417.80) and The Explorers Science Program $1,000.00 Total Cost: $10,417.80 

    2nd Grade

    Magnet Programs: Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($10,329.20) and Communities Science Program $6,000.00 Total Cost: $16,329.20 

    3rd Grade

    Magnet Programs: Professional Dance Instruction 30 min week ($2,362.50) and From the Ground Up Science Program ($4,000.00) Total Cost: $6,362.50 

    4th Grade

    Magnet Programs: Author in Residence $3,200.00 and Adaptations and Interactions Science Program ($3,100.00), Heritage Garden Project ($1,600.00) Total Cost: $7,900.00 

    5th Grade

    Magnet Programs: Japanese Taiko Drumming ($6,560.00) and Space Science Program ($1,000) Total Cost: $7,560.00 

    4/5 Multiage Art and Science Integration Program (51 students): $3,500.00

    Total magnet budget $102,802.50
    Total # of students who benefit: 597
    Average Cost per Marshall Student: $172.20
    Please remember: In order to have it applied to your 2013 tax return, you must make your Tax Credit contribution before December 31, 2013.

    Married couples filing jointly may contribute up to $400.00. Single taxpayers may give up to $200.00.  

    However, contributions in any amount are always welcomed and appreciated!

    You can make a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School online
    at any time, in any amount, during the course of the year simply by clicking on the "Donate now!" button below.


    Mr. Coe reads The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

    Principal John Coe has been visiting one classroom each week for the past five weeks, as teachers have been able to find a "spare" 15-20 minutes in their schedules, to read a chapter of C.S. Lewis' excellent book, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe to Marshall students.

    Today he got to read to Ms. Ingols' first-and-second grade Structured English Emersion class.  In weeks past he's been able to read to Ms. Thompson's, Ms. McFall's, Ms. Heck's, and Mrs. LeMoyne's classes, too.

    Each time he reads in a classroom he records it on video so that all the other kids at Marshall can watch it, too, and keep up with the book's progress. 

    Today he read chapter 5, entitled Back On This Side Of The Door, to Ms. Ingols' class.  

    All the other chapter-videos are also available online... just in case you and your family would like to (re)view them at home, too.

  • Chapter 1 -- Lucy Looks Into A Wardrobe
  • Chapter 2 -- What Lucy Found There
  • Chapter 3 -- Edmund And The Wardrobe
  • Chapter 4 -- Turkish Delight
  •

    The text of Sunday evening's Robo-call

    Hello Marshall families,

    We'd like to take a couple minutes this evening to update you on all that's going on next week, the week of Nov. 11, 2013, at Marshall Magnet School.

    First of all, please don't forget: there's no school Monday, November 11.  It's Veterans' Day.

    Our Science Council will meet at 4:00 and our Site Council will meet at 5:00 on Tuesday, Nov. 12. If you're interested in becoming more involved at Marshall, these committees are both open to all.  We encourage you to attend.

    Finally, on Thursday evening, November 14 we will hold our annual Exploration Stations night from 6:00-8:00 at the school.  This fun evening is a wonderful opportunity to see, first hand, what many of the scientific and outdoors organizations in the Flagstaff area are doing.  Please plan to attend.

    Thanks for listening, everyone.  As always, if you missed any portion of this message, the text is available on our Facebook page and on the school blog:



    Rent a violin from Marshall School

    Principal Coe (right) was once a Suzuki violinist
    To support the learning that takes place within our one-of-a-kind Suzuki violin magnet program we're pleased to be able to offer our Violin Rental Program to families once again this year.

    For a fee of only $10.00 a month we will equip your child with a well-tuned, carefully maintained practice violin to keep and play at home throughout the school year.

    To request a violin from this program, please download and complete our Violin Rental Agreement form and we will prepare an instrument for your child to take home immediately.

    Every dollar raised through this program will be returned to our kindergarten, first, and second grade Suzuki violin program.

    Please note: due to the replacement-value of these instruments, a $300.00 fully refundable security deposit must be assessed before an instrument can be sent home.  However, if for reasons of hardship your family is unable to provide the school with this deposit, please contact Mrs. Reasor to request an exception and we will do our best to accommodate you.


    Ms. McFall's class on NAZ Today News!

    The Coconino County Health Department and NAU's NAZ Today News organization visited Ms. McFall's classroom yesterday to talk about health and hand-washing.