Governor's Arts Award

Marshall Magnet School is very pleased to announce that our school has received the 2013 Governor's Arts Award for Arts In Education (Organization)!

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Winning the Governor's Arts Award is a prestigious recognition of the arts integration programs at Marshall, and places us in very special company in this regard.  Presented annually by the Office of the Governor, the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Citizen's Action for the Arts, the award places Marshall among a distinct group of honorees.  In fact, since it's inception in 1981, the award has been presented to "152 distinguished Arizona artists, arts organizations, businesses, educators and individuals [which] have been recognized for their passion, creativity and devotion to the excellence and diversity of Arizona’s arts and cultural community."  The Arts In Education (Organization) award is given annually to "a nonprofit arts organization or school that has demonstrated significant support or participation in activities which foster excellence in, appreciation of, or access to arts education in Arizona."  It is a great privilege and honor for Marshall Magnet School to now be recognized among such an impressive select group of previous award winners [.pdf].

Below is the text of Mr. Coe's acceptance speech:

Good evening Governor Brewer, members of the Governor’s Arts Awards committee, Arizona Citizens for the Arts, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, distinguished guests, fellow nominees. and friends. Thank you for this award. Marshall Magnet School is honored. I am humbled. 

My name is John Coe, and I am, without doubt, the most fortunate elementary school principal in the state

I am not, however, the most fortunate principal in the state because of the recognition you have bestowed upon our school tonight. For, the truth be told, I take very little, if any of the credit, for that. All of the amazing things that have happened in regards to arts integration at Marshall Magnet School in Flagstaff, faithfully since the year 2000, have had very little to do with me. I am merely a very recent addition to the glorious, frenetic, wonderfully-artistic chaos that occurs each and every day at our school

If you were to visit our school on any given day you would quickly come to understand just what I mean, as you watched: Reggio-inspired kindergarteners, first-, and second-graders learning letters and number-sense while they also learn the Suzuki method of violin from faculty members and grad students from the NAU School of Music; third-graders learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide as they learn contemporary dance from professional instructors; fourth-graders researching, editing, and revising original Grand Canyon natural history guides alongside a professional author-in-residence; and fifth graders learning music theory, and how to to work productively as cooperative teams, as they produce original Japanese Taiko drum performances alongside our resident expert. 

I am the most fortunate principal in the state not because any of these things were my ideas, but because it has been my good fortune to inherit this vital, one-of-a-kind extracurricular arts-integration program, and a faculty that believes in it, from my predecessors... and that, to-date, after a school-year and a half in office, I have not broken it irreparably. 

Indeed, such extracurricular programs, independently funded through tax credit donations, grants, federal Title 1 subsidies, as well as many generous gifts from members of our community, do not continue to exist without foresighted leadership at the district level. For this reason, I would like to thank our superintendent, Barbara Hickman, for her ongoing support and endorsement of our program. 

Likewise, such programs as ours cannot continue to exist and run smoothly and efficiently day after day without extraordinarily skillful stewardship. Indeed, ours would not be half of what it is today without the very capable hands of our Magnet Programs Specialist, Janelle Reasor, being on it everyday; she likewise deserves my most sincere gratitude this evening. 

Thank you once again, Governor Brewer and honored guests, for this award, and for recognizing the unique, one-of-a-kind arts integration that takes place for every child, every day at Marshall Magnet School.

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