Middle School Open Houses [text of ConnectEd calls]

This post contains the text of the Feb. 4th and 11th ConnectEd telephone calls and is intended for the parents and students currently in fifth grade at Marshall School. 

Future Mount Elden Middle School and Sinagua Middle School students are invited to attend upcoming annual showcase evenings at both schools on February 12th and 13th. During these informational events, all middle school teachers and programs, along with student work and projects, will be on display to share with Marshall students as they begin to make decisions about their middle school years.

These open house nights are a great way to see what is going on on both campuses and the many social and academic opportunities that will be available to your child. 

Sinagua Middle School will host their showcase evening on February 12 from 6:00-8:00 PM in the main gymnasium. Mount Elden Middle School will host their showcase on February 13th, also from 6:00-8:00 PM. Both schools are excited to welcome their incoming sixth graders and are hopeful to see many Marshall Mustangs in attendance at these events.

We hope you will make plans to attend.


Influenza has arrived at Marshall

This flyer will be sent home.
Look for it on Wednesday.

Influenza has officially arrived at Marshall.

If your children exhibit any of the following flu-like symptoms, please keep them at home until they have been fever– and symptom-free for at least 24 hours:
· Fever of 100˚F or higher
· Rapid onset of other symptoms:
· Cough
· Sore throat
· Headache
· Runny nose
· Muscle pains/aches

It is always advisable to call your family physician or healthcare provider for advice regarding treatment whenever your children become ill.  Please ensure your children are well-rested, -hydrated, and -fed as they recuperate at home before returning to school.


John Coe, M.Ed

Lillian Gilmore, RN


Lockdown Drill -- Friday, Jan. 18

This flyer will be sent home this week

Hello Marshall families,

We will be conducting a Lockdown Drill this Friday morning, January 18, 2013, at about 9:45 AM.  As you know, we conduct such drills on a recurring basis and typically do so without giving notice to our students.  However, in view of recent current events, we believe it would be of benefit to our entire community to conduct this next drill “in the open” giving our teachers, students, and parents a chance to discuss the importance of such practice exercises as well as the proper protocols.

Please take a few minutes to discuss this upcoming drill with your student(s) this week at some point prior to Friday morning.  As a part of your dialog, please ensure that your child understands the following:

· A member of the office staff will say “This is a lockdown” over the intercom.  It does not matter if the announcement is a drill or not. You must treat every lockdown announcement with the same level of seriousness.
· Your teacher will lock and close your classroom door and turn out the light.  He/She may also choose to move you to a corner of the classroom, away from the windows, to sit on the floor.
· If you are not in a classroom when the announcement is made, you should go to the nearest classroom immediately or seek out an adult in the hall who will escort you to the nearest safe location.
· You must sit completely silently until you are told the lockdown is over.  You will not be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason. If you have a cellphone, you must not use it.
· When the lockdown is over you will hear an announcement saying “The lockdown is over,” or a member of the office staff or a police officer will open your classroom door and give your further instructions.   You must listen to these directions carefully and do exactly as you are told.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  The safety of your child is our primary concern.


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