School Security Updates & Upgrades

Hello Marshall families,

I want to apprise you of some of what’s transpired in terms of building security at Marshall over the course of the last few days.  You will be pleased to know, the other FUSD administrators and I met on Monday, December 17, to discuss district- and building-level security policies and procedures.  I have had similar discussions on this topic in the past two days with members of our school Crisis Team.  I am confident that, as a school and as a district, we are committed to responding to these tragic recent events as the impetus to fine-tune and revise some of our own procedures.  

As an outcome of these meetings, I am pleased to be able to report the following revised and updated protocols to you:

1.       Our school will be getting new electronic key-card locks on most doors on 8-10 Jan.  Once installed, all staff will be REQUIRED to have a personalized key-card displayed on a lanyard as a form of identification at all times.  

2.       The front office at Marshall will soon be remodeled, likely over spring break, to provide us with an alternate entrance to use after admission/intake time each day. This new entrance will require ALL visitors to enter and sign-in in the front office.

3.       From this time forward, ALL visitors in the building will be required to signed-in in the office and affix a ‘visitor’ sticker to their shirt.  Staff members have been instructed, if they observe someone in the building who is not wearing one of these badges, to confront them and explain to them our need to have all visitors check in at the office prior to entering our halls.  We all realize how awkward this can be.  We do not intend to harass you.  Rather, we merely hope to act in such a way that we're able to better ensure the safety and security of our staff and students. 

4.       Classroom doors will typically remain open during the school day unless teachers are involved in a louder-than-normal activity which may become a disruption to their neighbors.  However, from now on, the door knob must be LOCKED AT ALL TIMES in order to be pulled shut and secured immediately during a lockdown.

5.       ALL staff members have been reminded to NEVER prop open exterior doors with rocks.  All exterior doors, with the exception of the front doors, will henceforth remain closed and locked from the outside during the school day.  

6.       The gate with the horseshoe-shaped latch that opens to Bonito Street near the kindergarten playground will be padlocked soon and will remain locked.  From now on all children will be required to enter the playground by going through the school building.

7.       There is to be no parking or student drop off in the fire-lane/alley on the north side of our campus.  It is imperative that this access be available to emergency responders’ vehicles at all times. 

8.       We completed our most recent lockdown drill on November 15.  This week teachers have received new, somewhat revised lockdown procedures from me.  We will conduct our next scheduled lockdown drill after the holidays on Friday, January 18, 2013.  Prior to this drill, parents will be notified via an automated telephone call and a send-home flyer in order to encourage family conversations with children prior to this event. 

Please remember: these new procedures and protocols are not meant to inconvenience you.  They are intended to enhance and ensure the safety of each of the 700-or-so staff and students that occupy our campus each day.

If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures and guidelines, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

John Coe, M.Ed.
principal, Marshall Magnet Elementary School

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