Parent and Family Involvement Plan

Hello Marshall families,

We'd like you to know about our Parent And Family Engagement Plan.  As a federally-subsidized Title 1 school, we are required to always have such a plan in place and to make its contents available to you.  If you have questions about this plan, please feel free to contact us.

Marshall Magnet Elementary school will provide opportunities for increased, meaningful involvement by families in their students’ academic and related activities.

1.    Marshall has created three councils comprised of parents, teachers and community members.  The three councils are:  Arts Council, Science Council and Site Council.  The mission of the councils is to promote and support the goals of the magnet programs at Marshall.

2.   Offer at least six schoolwide family activities/events per year.  These events will be planned and coordinated by faculty, staff, PTO, parents and students when applicable.  Records will be kept of parent attendance and participation.

3.   Implement the use of parent compacts.   All efforts will be made to inform and educate parents about the importance of these compacts.

4.   Make information accessible to all parents.  Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in their native language, with translations to be done by staff and parent volunteers.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the specific needs of parents with disabilities.

5.   Work with the Parent Teacher Organization.  PTO participation will be encouraged in all areas of influence (classrooms, Parent Center, newsletters, etc.)  Faculty, staff and the PTO collaborate to develop monthly programs with topics that are relevant to Marshall Families, as well as inform parents of the variety of educational programs carried on at Marshall School.

6.   Parent- teacher communication will occur on a regular basis.  Newsletters and other pertinent communications will be sent to parents in a timely manner.  Twice yearly conferences will be scheduled with all parents.  Teachers will be encouraged to include students in this process using the student-led model.

7.   Teachers will communicate with parents when attendance or tardiness interferes with learning.  Communication will be in the form of phone calls, progress reports or parent meetings/conferences.

8.   An academic review will be held for academically at-risk students and their parents to develop a plan to raise student achievement levels.  Final evaluation, from the academic review committee will be placed in the student’s cum folder.

9.   Parent Information.  During Open House, Parent Conferences and other times info regarding curriculum, expectations, assessments and ways to help their children will be given to parents.  Information is also available at the Family Resource Center, the Marshall School website and at

This school has a complete Continuous Improvement Plan on file in the office and it is also available online.

Revised 11/12

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