Phone Service Disconnected Friday PM

A construction project at Marshall will leave us with our phones disconnected tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 28th, beginning at 1:00.  If you have students who will be in FACTS in the afternoon, after early dismissal, you may get in touch with the program at 928-606-0649 or 928-220-0463.  To contact the office at Marshall tomorrow afternoon please call 928-788-0881.


How are we doing?

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We're always interested in hearing from you about how things are going here at Marshall Magnet School.

In order to better understand how you perceive us, we've designed a short survey which is intended to provide Marshall Magnet School with much-needed insight that we hope will enable us to tailor our school's many unique programs and services to better serve our clientele: you and your children.

Paper versions of the survey will be sent home with all students this week.  But, to make it as simple as possible for you to provide us with your feedback, we've also made the survey available online and on your mobile device (just scan the QR code at right), too.

No matter how you choose to take the survey, it will only take you a few minutes to complete. 

Please note: you will need to finish the online/mobile version of the survey in one-sitting.  Be sure to click the "submit" button at the bottom when you're finished.

 Thanks for your time!


Mustang Gallop Fundraiser 2012

Howdy folks!

We'd like to let you know: Marshall School's super-fun, totally awesome annual fundraiser, The Mustang Gallop, has officially begun!

Your child should be bringing home information about this important event today.  Please look for it in his/her backpack after school.

In the meantime, have a peek at our motivational, inspirational, informational Mustang Gallop 2011 video:


Marshall Tax Credit Information

Hello Marshall families,

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the great advantages the Arizona School Tax Credit program provides to you and your child's school.  As you probably already know: No other school in Flagstaff provides the unique learning opportunities that every child, including yours, receives at Marshall Magnet School.  How?  Chiefly because of the Tax Credit contributions made to our school each year.

As demonstrated by our imaginary tax-payers below (click an image to enlarge it), Arizona's Tax Credit program works to the advantage of most tax-payers.  Whether you're a single parent, a married family filing jointly, or an more mature couple with grown children, Arizona's Tax Credit program enables you to give part of your annual state taxes directly to Marshall Magnet School, rather than to the state Department Of Revenue.

This opportunity to provide direct support to Marshall School's unique magnet programs is your chance to make the decision about precisely how your tax dollars are spent to directly benefit your child's, and every child's, public school experience at Marshall Magnet School.

Single ParentMarried with childrenRetired couple
Click to enlarge
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Tax Credit contributions directly reduce the Balance Of Tax that you would otherwise owe to the state.  Tax Credit contributions are not deductions, nor are they a kind of exemption.  They are a direct dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes that you must pay.  Your choice in the matter, however, is to take advantage of Arizona's Tax Credit program and contribute these dollars to Marshall Magnet School rather than giving those dollars to the state.

Every single Tax Credit dollar that you contribute to Marshall Magnet School goes directly into sustaining and developing our well-established, unique, and meaningful Arts and Science magnet programs at every grade level. All Marshall students, including your own, benefit from your contribution!

Below we've provided a per-grade-level break-down of the costs of our special magnet-school programs during the 2011-2012 school year, which were paid for entirely by grants and Tax Credit contributions:
Kinder (104 students)
Magnet Programs: Reggio Emilia Art Integration ($11,500), Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($10,633) and Water in our World Science Program ($600) Total Cost: $22,733.00 Cost per Kindergarten Student: $218.59

1st Grade (94 students)

Magnet Programs: Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($9,417.80) and The Explorers Science Program $1,000.00 Total Cost: $10,417.80 Cost per 1st Grade Student: $110.83

2nd Grade (101 students)

Magnet Programs: Suzuki Violin 30 min twice/ week ($10,329.20) and Communities Science Program $6,000.00 Total Cost: $16,329.20 Cost per 2nd Grade Student: $161.68

3rd Grade (101 students)

Magnet Programs: Professional Dance Instruction 30 min week ($2,362.50) and From the Ground Up Science Program ($4,000.00) Total Cost: $6,362.50 Cost per 3rd Grade Student: $63.00

4th Grade (78 students)

Magnet Programs: Author in Residence $3,200.00 and Adaptations and Interactions Science Program ($3,100.00), Heritage Garden Project ($1,600.00) Total Cost: $7,900.00 Cost per 4th Grade Student: $101.28

5th Grade (63 students)

Magnet Programs: Japanese Taiko Drumming ($6,560.00) and Space Science Program ($1,000) Total Cost: $7,560.00 Cost per 5th Grade Student: $120.00

4/5 Multiage Art and Science Integration Program (51 students): $3,500.00

Cost per Student: $68.63

Total magnet 2011-2012 budget $102,802.50
Total # of students who benefit: 597
Average Cost per Marshall Student: $172.20
Please remember: In order to have it applied to your 2012 tax return, you must make your Tax Credit contribution before December 31, 2012.  Married couples filing jointly may contribute up to $400.00. Single taxpayers may give up to $200.00.  But contributions in any amount are always welcomed and appreciated!

You can make a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School online at any time, in any amount, during the course of the year simply by clicking on the "Donate now!" button below.


Free Bicycle Helmets!

On Saturday, Sept. 29, at 9 a.m., McDonald’s restaurants will be distributing 20,000 FREE bicycle helmets provided by the AZ Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics to help prevent bike injuries! Arizona Safe Kids volunteers will be on site to properly fit the helmets! 
This offer will be available at  McDonald’s restaurants in Maricopa, La Paz, Mohave, Yavapai, Coconino, Gila, Navajo, Apache, Graham, and Pinal counties. However, please note, the free bicycle helmet offer excludes Walmart and retail mall McDonald’s locations


Principal's Report to the PTO

Principal's Report to the PTO
Aug-Sept 2012 

I’m pleased to report that we’re off to a great start at Marshall this year!

We’ve been able to provide all of our students, some 580 of them at the moment, with a safe, secure placement in a an equitably balanced classroom that’s at or very near the class-size par set for elementary schools by FUSD. As a Title 1 school serving a large number of families who qualify for the federally subsidized free-and-reduced-price lunch program, it’s often very difficult for us to predict our enrollment numbers with a great deal of precision prior to the first day of the year. In fact, we started out on August 13 some 45 students below our summer projections. However, due to the state of Arizona’s statutory requirement to provide intensive English language instruction to some students, and our actual enrollment numbers in certain student subgroups on the first day of school, we were able to open a new fourth-and-fifth grade Structured English Immersion classroom on Tuesday, August 14, the second day of school. Opening this new classroom, initially with a substitute teacher, now staffed full time by Kelley Ingols, served the dual purpose of meeting the state’s legal requirements, while at the same time reducing our class sizes to more reasonable levels in every other classroom at the fourth and fifth grade.

Marshall’s annual Back To School Open House took place last week on Tuesday evening. The event was well attended. We acquired signatures (a requirement for all public events at Title 1 schools) and email contact information from nearly 200 individuals. Many families appeared to stick around until the conclusion of the event at 7:30 PM. Several local organizations, including Girl Scouts, The Boys and Girls Club, Parenting Arizona, as well as our own PTO were also present in our lobby during the event.

We've made great strides to continue to make Marshall an ever-more safe and secure environment for your children. We've rearranged the daily schedules of many of our paraprofessionals in order to enable more of them to be present on the playgrounds more often and in greater number during our lunch times. Likewise, we've been able to put Anna Hudson, our new Fit Kids of Arizona Health and Wellness coordinator, and Jason Slater our new Positive Behavior Support specialist in place on both the morning and lunchtime playgrounds to work with students to coordinate structured and organized play activities. We still have some small need for one additional aide hour during the day, chiefly to provide additional coverage for the kindergartners on their separate playground during their lunch recess.  Last year the PTO was kind enough to provide the school with the funding necessary to cover this position, and I am hopeful you will consider making a similar investment during the 2012-2013 school year.

Similarly, in the absence of the Ballard/Novak team, we’ve been compelled to make some minor adjustments to our afternoon dismissal procedures, which we feel have enhanced the order and safety of this this critical time of day as well.

All our new Promethean Boards, purchased with Mustang Gallop funds, were installed over the summer and teachers have already received one in-service training on their use from Mr. Shaddy. Every classroom at Marshall now has a Smart or Promethean interactive whiteboard in it, with the exception of our new ⅘ classroom, which will have one installed very soon.

In view of the PTO’s interest at the conclusion of the last school year in helping Marshall School develop a teacher’s lounge here at the school, we initiated a project-approval and bidding process over the summer with the intent to determine the feasibility of converting and expanding our “orange” room (the office space with the Pepsi machine in it across from the office) into such a place for staff members. The district has approved our initial concept and has sought and received an acceptable bid on the project which will include the removal of an interior wall, installation of new carpet, water lines and a sink. We have formed a faculty-lounge committee at the school level which hopes to work with interested members of the PTO to further develop this space on behalf of our staff.

Finally, we’re very pleased to report that we were able to hire, rehire, and/or assimilate a number of new employees at Marshall over the course of the past summer. Judith Arnold, a district initiated transfer, formerly of MEMS, now teaches fifth grade here. Likewise, Lisa Price, another district transfer from Thomas, now works in our third grade. Shelia White, our new music teacher comes to us of her own volition from MEMS. Biz Bruchman joins our team as a .5 SPED teacher; she also works at Sechrist in the same role. Monique Freeman has been hired to work as our other .5 SPED teacher. Jen Ernst joins us as our new speech-language pathologist. Lillian Gillmore is our new nurse. James Connell is our new school psychologist. Emily Heck is our newest fourth grade teacher. And, as mentioned above, Jason Slater joins our team as our PBS specialist, Anna Hudson is our new Fit Kids of Arizona coordinator, and Kelley Ingols is our new ⅘ SEI teacher.

 We’re also happy to report that, despite FUSD’s reduction in force layoffs at the conclusion of last year, we were nevertheless able to retain or rehire Andrea Shaw, Shawn Gillett, and Lizzy Baker (now Mrs. Kohl) at Marshall.

 Last of all, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention the invaluable contributions of the half-dozen or so new paraprofessionals who also joined our ranks as new-hires in the past few months. We are still advertising three paraprofessional positions as well as a highly specialized medically fragile special education teaching position. Due to the unique qualifications necessary for this position, it is my understanding that FUSD intends to help us find a qualified applicant by advertising this job beyond the state of Arizona. For the time being it is temporarily being filled by a very capable sub, Dr. Gail Tetrick.

John Coe


Site, Science, and PTO meetings Wed. Sept. 5

Just a quick, friendly reminder: We will convene our Marshall Site and Science Councils tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 5, at 5:00, followed by our monthly PTO meeting at 6:30.  Please join us in the Library.

As always, everyone's invited! Childcare will be provided

Hope to see you there!