Updates and events

A busy four-day week ahead here at Marshall Magnet School.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22, please join Ms. Tillman and dozens of talented Marshall students for opening night of Seussical The Musical.  The curtain drops tomorrow evening at 6:00 across the street from the school in the former Flagstaff Middle School gym.  If you're not able to attend this performance, you'll have another chance during the all-school performance at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon.

Our fifth-graders will graduate from their semester-long D.A.R.E. program this Wednesday morning at 9:15. The ceremony will take place in the Marshall School gym and all are invited to attend.

The annual all-school barbecue is scheduled to take place during lunches this Thursday, May 24.  We hope you're able to come and enjoy this time with your child(ren).  Students will eat during their regular lunchtimes (K-1: 11:20; 2-3: 11:50; 4-5: 12:20).  Volunteers are also needed to help as servers and such.  Please contact Mr. Shaddy if you're willing and able to help out.  Set-up begins at 8:30. Food service will take place from 11:20 until 12:40.  Clean-up will occur thereafter.

School will be dismissed this Friday, May 25, and next Monday, May 28 to commemorate Memorial Day.


Solar Eclipse Sunday

Don't miss out this Sunday, May 20, 2012, on what's sure to be one of the best chances you'll ever have to see a near-total solar eclipse from your own backyard. The last time a solar eclipse of this magnitude happened in Arizona was in 1821.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun (and, for what it's worth, a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth's shadow passes over the moon).  Because the moon was recently at perigee, when it's closest to the Earth, this solar eclipse will be of the annular variety, meaning the moon will not completely blot out the sun.  But it's sure to be a fantastic, memorable experience.  On Sunday, the event will begin at about 5:30 PM local time and last until sunset.

Remember: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!  Viewing a solar eclipse directly can be very dangerous.  The best way to see what's happening is indirectly, via a pinhole viewer or other special solar-viewing apparatus.  Simple instructions for making a simple, safe pinhole device are available online.

Additional information on this rare astronomical event can be found online.



Click the logo to download a registration packet!
There's still time to arrange for your corporate sponsorship and/or to register your team to participate in Marshall's most exciting fundraiser: Dodgeball! on June 3.  Registration and sponsorship packets are available online.

 Last year's first-annual event was a huge success.  Don't miss out! Register your team today.


Thank You, PTO!

We're so grateful to our awesome PTO!  

And not just for the wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week breakfast they provided this morning, which, for the record, was super!

We're all-the-more grateful  for their ongoing, active, and sincere support for all-things Marshall.  

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you, Marshall PTO!  We could not do what we do without you!