Changes In Altitude Balloon Satellite Launch

The view from 85,000 feet
A coalition of Marshall Magnet School students and teachers participated in NAU's 2012 Changes In Altitude Balloon Satellite Launch program this past weekend.   What's a balloon satellite?  "A balloon satellite is a scientific payload that has equipment inside to photograph and measure the physical properties of the Earth's atmosphere during the ascent and descent of the high altitude weather balloon." 

Prepared for launch
Two of our teachers, Mr. Kasch and Ms. Hurley, have both been trained in this unique program and were "selected from schools across Arizona through a competitive application process... Once they are trained, [teachers] get to put together a student team that will design, construct and launch and recover small balloon payloads. These payloads robotically measure the physical properties of the Earth's atmosphere as a function of time during the ascent and descent of a high altitude weather balloon, such as pressure, temperature and relative humidity."

This weekend's satellite balloon launch was a great success.  The Marshall School balloon soared for 105 minutes to an altitude of 85,000 feet and was safely retrieved intact by the team!

Congratulations to everyone!

The four-and-a-half minute-long video below was shot on the same day by a different team, who attached a Lego-man to their balloon's camera apparatus... Enjoy!



Happy news and friendly reminders

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and we'd like to take a moment to say, "Thanks! Well done! And we couldn't do this without you!" to our school secretary, Malinda Jimenez and our attendance secretary, Erin Macdonald, who are both awesome people, dedicated professionals, and without whom our school would simply cease to function.

The School Carnival happens tomorrow, Thursday, April 26, from 6:00-7:00 PM.  We hope you'll come by, eat a hotdog, and play a few games.  All proceeds from this PTO-coordinated event will be returned to classroom teachers to help them purchase supplies for their classrooms.

This Friday, April 27, and next Monday, April 30 are both regular school days.  They're snow-day make-up days.  We'll be on our typical schedule both days and will dismiss school at 12:25 on Friday and 3:20 on Monday.

Our monthly all-school, everyone's-welcome Java By The Gym event will take place this Friday morning, April 27, before the first bell, in the school lobby.  Please stop by, say howdy, and have a cuppa with us!


Celebrating Small Victories: Marshall Parapro Eve Yazzie in the Daily Sun

Photo credit: Jake Bacon
Arizona Daily Sun
Eve Yazzie, long-time Marshall special education paraprofessional (aka: aide), is  featured in a wonderful story by Hillary Davis in today's Daily Sun.  Please have a look at it.  It's an enlightening and well-deserved recognition of Eve's 21-year career working with special-needs children.


Happy Earth Day!

What happened at Marshall Magnet School today? 

 Earth Day!

Here's just a smidge of what happened...
Fresh garden-mulch: 60 buckets of northern-Arizona's very best llama poop

New terraces in the Heritage Garden

Fresh flowers for the green house.

Hamra's three-wheeled electric car.  The only one in town?
Uhm. Yeah.

Plaster casting animal prints

Forest restoration seedlings
Thanks, Ms. Thompson, and everyone else who helped out!  Earth Day was awesome.



It's almost time!

The second-annual Marshall Adult Dodgeball Tournament is just over a month away, on Sunday, June 3, 2012!

This super-fun, super-important annual fundraiser is a great way for you and a team of your favorite grown-up friends to benefit every child and every magnet-program at Marshall School simply by playing a few winner-takes-all, in-it-to-win-it, no-excuses games of dodgeball... while enjoying a lovely grown-up-beverage or three.

Last year's ground-breaking event raised nearly $7000.00 and saw 24 teams compete for the highly coveted traveling trophy.  This year we're ready to host 32 teams, sell beverages to a hoard spectators, and by doing so, raise even more funds than last year to ensure that Marshall School's unique magnet arts and science programs can continue.

Shaddy with his game-face on.
Teams of five are now forming. The registration packet is available online.  For more information, contact our Magnet Programs Coordinator, Janelle Reasor [928-773-4030].

Rally the troops!  Get your team's registration in ASAP while slots are still available.


AIMS is our Game Day!

AIMS letter home


From: John Coe
To: Marshall Magnet School Families

10 April 2012
Hello Marshall families,
As you know, the AIMS testing season is nearly upon us.  The first day of testing for grades 3-5 happens just about a week from today, on Tuesday morning, April 17.  Subsequent days of AIMS testing will take place on April 18, 19, and 24.  Second grade students will take their Stanford 10 tests on April 25 and 26.
As you know, AIMS is a really big deal, no matter how you slice it.  And, honestly, we’re very excited about AIMS this year!  At Marshall, we like to imagine that AIMS is our Game Day, the main event that we’ve been practicing for all year.  As we see it, AIMS is our chance to shine, to show what we know, and, hopefully, to successfully achieve the academic goals that the state has set for us.  AIMS is a win-win for everyone.  By doing well individually on AIMS, students have their best opportunity to demonstrate to their upcoming teachers how prepared they are for next year’s new material.  Likewise, by doing well on AIMS as a school, Marshall is able to demonstrate, once again, its academic excellence to the community.  
Our bottom line is simple: as a school, we intend to focus on the “wins” this year as we prepare to take AIMS.  We hope you’ll join us in this effort!
Here are a few simple things you can do to help your child be optimally successful on AIMS:
Be present -- If your child is healthy, please make sure he or she is in school on-time every day during the testing period.  The state requires that we test every student. At Marshall, testing always begins first-thing in the morning.  Students absent during any testing session must make-up the test they missed when they return to school.  It’s simpler, more expedient, and of greater benefit to test everyone during the dedicated testing sessions rather than at a different time.
Be healthy -- It’s common knowledge, but it bears repeating despite the fact that we all know it:  children do better in school, and especially on tests, when they are well-rested and well-fed.   Please help your child get to bed early and to eat healthy meals during the testing period.
Be positive -- Your student will believe all-the-more in the importance of the AIMS test if you do.  Please try to portray a positive and encouraging attitude toward this important event when talking to your child.  
Praise them for their hard work.  
Remind them of how hard they’ve practiced and prepared for this.  
Show them that you’re committed to their success.
Tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments.
I am very proud of the great efforts that our teachers and students have put into preparing for these tests this year, and I am optimistic that our students will do well on their upcoming tests.  Your partnership in this endeavor is essential.  Thanks for all your help and support!


John Coe, interim principal
Marshall Magnet School


How are we doing?

We like to imagine, here at Marshall Magnet School, that our doors are always open to you.  We want you to view us as a place where you can easily get involved and have your voice heard.  This is because, most of all, we want to be the very best learning place for your child that we can possibly be.

One simple way to let us know how we're doing, or what you'd like to see us do better, or more often, or differently, is to fill out our annual Parent Satisfaction Survey.  It's available online right now, in both English or Spanish.  Or you can stop by the school office anytime and pick up a printed copy to fill out at your convenience.

The survey will be available in the office and online through May 31st.  We hope you will take a few minutes to let us know how we're doing.


Nos gusta imaginar, aquí en Marshall Magnet School, que nuestras puertas están siempre abiertas para usted. Queremos que nos vean como un lugar donde se puede participar y hacer que su voz sea escuchada. Y queremos ser el lugar de aprendizaje lo mejor para su hijo que pueda ser.

Una manera sencilla de hacernos saber cómo lo estamos haciendo, o lo que le gustaría vernos hacer mejor, o más a menudo, o de otra manera, es llenar nuestra encuesta anual de Satisfacción de los Padres. Está disponible en línea en este momento, tanto en Inglés o Español. O usted puede pasar por la oficina de la escuela y recoger una copia impresa para llenar a su conveniencia.

La encuesta estará disponible en la oficina y en línea a través de 31 de mayo. Esperamos que se tome unos minutos para hacernos saber cómo lo estamos haciendo.



Snow-day Make-up Days

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Friday, April 6, and this Monday, April 9, are regular school days.  We're in session both days to make-up for snow-days we had this past December. We will release at our normal time both days: 12:25 on Friday and 3:20 on Monday.  Please plan accordingly.  Thanks!


Governor's Arts Awards

We were quite pleased to be listed among the Governor's Arts Awards Arts-In-Education (Organization) nominees this year.  The Awards have recognized distinguished artists and arts organizations since 1981 based on the significance of their artistic contributions and achievements over time.  Eighty-one individuals and organizations were nominated this year.  Marshall Magnet School was in very good company.

We didn't win.

But, as a consolation, we were nevertheless very happy to find ourselves  mentioned by-name as a noteworthy arts magnet school by Governor Brewer in her keynote speech at the awards ceremony. As part of her introductory comments she said,

"I’m especially proud of the fact that among its many fine programs, the Arizona Commission on the Arts helps deliver arts experiences to 1.7 million school children... Arts charter and magnet schools all over our state are proving that the arts are an important way to improve overall learning. Schools like the Marshall Magnet Elementary School in Flagstaff, the Morristown Elementary School in Morristown and the Arizona School for the Arts right here in Phoenix can boast just as much about the artistic skills of their students as they can about their academic achievements."

High praise!  Thanks Governor Brewer!

If you like, you can download the entire transcript of her comments.