We made the match!

We made the $5000.00 match grant thanks to your generous Tax Credit contributions since December 1st!!!

We're so grateful to our anonymous donors for making this match-grant possible.  And we're also so grateful to you for your support of the Arts and Science magnet programs for every student, in every classroom at Marshall Magnet School.

We've made our match, but there's still time for you to make your Tax Credit contribution before December 31st if you haven't already.  You can even make your contribution online!  Just follow this link and navigate down the page to the Marshall-Donate button.  If you prefer to write a check when making your Tax Credit contribution, please mail your donation directly to the Flagstaff Unified School District Business Office, 3285 E. Sparrow Avenue, 86004. Please remember to write Marshall Tax Credit on the memo line.

Remember, Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit against your tax liability to the state.  Making a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall school empowers you to make the decision about how your tax dollars are spent to benefit students in your local public school.

Thanks, everyone, for your generosity in support of Marshall Magnet School!


Have a nice break!

We hope your Winter Break is happy and filled with fun.

We'll see you back here, safe and well-rested, on Tuesday (not Monday), January 3rd.

Don't forget to listen to KNAU on Monday, December 19th when Marshall Magnet School will be the day-sponsor.  We're excited to have this chance to garner a little more attention for our school and its unique programs.

One last reminder: You can still make your Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School anytime before December 31, 2010.  Flagstaff Unified School District implemented a new online funds-transfer system yesterday which now makes it possible for you to make your Tax Credit contribution online from now on.  We hope you find this new system helpful.  To contribute online to our school, simply navigate to the Marshall-Donate link on this page.

Our school office will be closed during Winter Break.  If you prefer to write a check when making your Tax Credit contribution, please mail your donation directly to the Flagstaff Unified School District Business Office, 3285 E. Sparrow Avenue, 86004.  Please remember to write Marshall Tax Credit on the memo line.

See you next year!


Over 1000 cans of food!

We collected over 1000 cans of food and had lots of fun at the canned food drive parade today!

Thanks Student Council and Mustang Choir members, Marshall Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students), Santa, and everyone who collected cans!

Special congratulations to Mrs. Shaw's Third Grade for collecting 167 cans.  You win a set of brand new games for your classroom!

Well done everyone, all-around!  Thanks.


A Friendly Reminder: Cookie Walk

Don't forget: You're invited to attend our annual Cookie Walk in the gym at Marshall School tomorrow evening, December 15th. The Cookie Walk event begins at 6:00, and, you can receive a bonus cookie-coupon for bringing a canned food donation with you that night!

Because of the Snow Day on Tuesday, and the delayed start this morning, we feel like we're running a bit behind on our cookie donations. Prior to the Walk, throughout the day tomorrow, we'd like to ask you to donate a box, bag, or basket of cookies to the school if you can. Just bring them in to your child's classroom, or to the front office, sometime before 4:00 on Thursday afternoon. 

Thanks!  See you tomorrow night.


Something quite special

As you well-know by now, Marshall's a pretty special place.  Those of us who work here, and who have students who attend school here know that.  We've received a little media recognition of that fact this year, too. Like this. And this. And this. And this. And this.  It's fair to say: we're a little bit proud of who we are.

Of course, one of the chief things that make us unique is our magnet programs, and the many special ways that Marshall teachers have been able to integrate the Arts and Sciences into the core curriculum so well for over a decade.  No other school in Flagstaff can make that claim.

Click to download .pdf
The other day a few of us were looking at an application for the Governor's Arts Award, which would garner us an important bit of recognition as an Arts school.  In preparing our application for submission, we asked our Superintendent, Barbara Hickman, to write a letter of support on our behalf.  We were pleased when she agreed.

Of course, we expected something nice, well-written, and considerate from her.  But we really never imagined that we would receive such a thoughtful, affirming, and uplifting endorsement of our programs and people as the letter we now have in-hand. Wow!

We asked if we could share it with you, too.  She said we could.


Lots of great things going on next week at Marshall School.

Greetings Marshall School Community!

With just one more week of school before we dismiss for the Winter Recess, we wanted to remind you of a few important upcoming dates and events, before we all head out for some well-earned vacation time.

Our annual Canned Food Drive is in progress and will run through December 15th. Please consider donating to this important collection program. The food that you donate will be given to the St. Mary's Food Bank and directly to families in-need here at Marshall School, too. Our student council members and other special guests will help collect the cans from classrooms at 9:30 AM on December 15th.

Also, during the evening of December 15th, you're invited to attend our annual Cookie Walk in the gym at Marshall School. During the week next week, prior to the Walk, we'd like to ask you to donate a box, bag, or basket of cookies to the school. Just bring them in to the front office or to your child's classroom sometime before Thursday afternoon. The Cookie Walk event begins on Thursday night at 6:00, and, you can receive a bonus cookie-coupon for bringing a canned food donation with you that night!

Finally, we want to remind you that your Tax Credit contributions to Marshall School make all of our unique magnet programs possible, for every child in every classroom. Your Tax Credit contributions must be received prior to December 31 in order to be applied to your 2011 taxes. We're happy to receive them in person in the front office during the school day. But after December 16, please mail them directly to the FUSD district office, 3285 East Sparrow Avenue, 86004, making sure that you have identified Marshall Tax Credit on the memo line of the check.



Magnet Schools in The Daily Sun

We were excited to see a great article about magnet schools in The Arizona Daily Sun this morning!  We were especially happy to read  that "between federal dollars for low-income students and extensive private fundraising, Marshall gets about $100,000 for its programming without burdening the general district fund."  

Private fundraising?  That's right.  It's a several key grants and your Tax Credit contributions that make our unique magnet programs possible!

Because of your Tax Credit contributions, Marshall Magnet School is able to do what no other school in Flagstaff can do, for every child, at every grade level, completely free of charge.  

Thanks for helping make us so special!


PTO, Site & Science Councils tonight

Just a quick, friendly reminder: We will convene our Marshall Site and Science Councils tonight, Wednesday, December 7, at 5:00, followed by our monthly PTO meeting at 6:30.  As always, everyone's invited!  Childcare is provided.  Please come!


Mr. Coe talks Tax Credit on NAZ Today

NAU's local news organization, NAZ Today, ran a short report on the Arizona Public School Tax Credit program on their newscast yesterday  evening (Monday, December 5th).  Mr. Coe was interviewed by one of their reporters for this story and, low and behold, some of his quotes were included as a part of it!  We thought you might find it interesting... or perhaps just entertaining.  Regardless, you can watch it below if you like.



Friendly Bus Behavior Reminders

Hello Marshall families,

We bus so many of our students to and from Marshall School everyday.  In order to ensure everyone's safety and well-being at all times, it's absolutely essential that we occasionally review how to ride the bus in an appropriate manner.  Likewise, it's wise to remember that for all FUSD students, including Marshall students, it is considered a privilege and not a right to be transported to and from school by bus.  Students who cannot follow appropriate bus behaviors can and will have their bus-privileges revoked.

Please review the following behavioral expectations with your student(s):

At The Bus Stop

  • Always walk directly to and from home and the bus stop
  • Stay calm while waiting for the bus; talk quietly or read
  • Board the bus in an orderly manner, one person at a time

Riding The Bus
  • Stay seated in your assigned seat, legs and feet in front of you
  • Talk, read, or work on homework quietly
  • Deboard the bus in a calm orderly manner, one person at a time

At Dismissal Time
  • Walk from your classroom to the cafeteria. Sit in your assigned area
  • Talk, read, or work on homework quietly
  • Keep you hands and feet to yourself
  • Ask a teacher before leaving the cafeteria for any reason
  • You must have a written note to change buses or to walk


December Tax Credit Match Grant

We are very excited to announce that a Marshall Magnet Match Grant of $5,000 has officially been secured! This means if we are able to raise $5,000 in tax credit donations during the month of DECEMBER we will receive $5,000 in Matching Funds for Marshall’s Arts & Science Magnet Programs.

That's right! During the month of December only, your tax credit donation to our school will be MATCHED dollar for dollar! But you must donate before the state-imposed deadline for tax credit, December 31, 2011, in order for your contribution to be applied to the match.

That means EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! To contribute to this special program just write Magnet Match on the memo line of your check and we will apply your tax credit donation to the Magnet Match campaign which will support of our many unique Arts and Science magnet programs! You do not have to be a Marshall parent to participate. 

To make your tax credit contribution to Marshall School simply hand-deliver, or send a check by mail, to Marshall Magnet Elementary School, 850 N. Bonito St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001. If you have questions about this important program, please contact Janelle Reasor, Marshall's Arts & Science Coordinator, for more information: 928-773-4030 x2754. 

REMEMBER: Tax Credit contributions directly reduce the Balance Of Tax that you would otherwise owe to the state. Tax Credit contributions are not deductions, nor are they a kind of exemption. They are a direct dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes that you must pay. Your choice in the matter, however, is to take advantage of Arizona's Tax Credit program and contribute these dollars to Marshall Magnet School rather than giving those dollars to the state.