Tax Credit: It works for US! It works for YOU!

Marshall Magnet School
2013 Governor's Arts Award winner
As you probably already know: No other school in Flagstaff provides the unique learning opportunities that every child, including yours, receives at Marshall Magnet School.  How?  Because of the Tax Credit contributions people like you make to our school each year.

Any Arizona tax-payer may make a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall Magnet School.

If you haven't already done so, we hope you are planning to make your annual Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School before December 31.  The Arizona Public School Tax Credit program provides great advantages both to you and to our school. 

K-2 Suzuki violinists
Each year at Marshall we spend in excess of $40,000 in Tax Credit contributions on our one-of-a-kind magnet programs and activities including field-trips, Taiko drumming, and Suzuki violin, as well as our unique array of Magnet Monday electives like dance, Lego League, Team MasterMind, and Chess Club, STEAM Team, digital media, painting, and photo-journalism.  
Fifth-grade Taiko drummers

Each dime of your contribution has been spent to broaden and enrich the educational learning experiences of  every student at Marshall.  Every kid at Marshall has received benefit from these contributions, and they will continue to, year after year, provided we are to be able to raise these funds in order to sustain our award-winning programs.

As demonstrated by our imaginary tax-payers below (click any image below to enlarge it), Arizona's Tax Credit program works to the advantage of most tax-payers.  Whether you're a single parent, a married family filing jointly, or an more mature couple with grown children, Arizona's Tax Credit program enables you to give part of your annual state taxes directly to Marshall Magnet School, rather than to the state Department Of Revenue.

This rare opportunity, to determine exactly how your tax dollars are spent by providing direct support to Marshall School's unique magnet programs, is your chance to directly benefit your child's, and every child's, public school experience at Marshall Magnet School.  Marshall School can and will make that promise to you.  The state of Arizona cannot.

Single ParentMarried with childrenRetired couple
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Tax Credit contributions directly reduce the Balance Of Tax that you would otherwise owe to the state.  Tax Credit contributions are not deductions, nor are they a kind of exemption.  Tax Credit contributions to Marshall School are a direct dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes that you must pay.  Your choice in the matter, however, is to take advantage of Arizona's Tax Credit program and contribute these dollars to Marshall Magnet School, or decide that you wold rather give those dollars to the state.

Every single Tax Credit dollar that you contribute to Marshall Magnet School goes directly into sustaining and developing our well-established, unique, and meaningful Arts and Science magnet programs at every grade level. All Marshall students, including your own, benefit from your contribution!

Please remember: In order to have it applied to your current year's tax return, you must make your Tax Credit contribution before December 31 Arizona's April 15hth tax-filing deadline.

Married couples filing jointly may contribute up to $400.00. Single taxpayers may give up to $200.00.  

However, contributions in any amount are always welcomed and appreciated!

You can make a Tax Credit contribution to Marshall School online
at any time, in any amount, during the course of the year simply by clicking on the "Donate now!" button at the top of this page.

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