How to keep in touch with Marshall Magnet School

We’re very proud of all of the exciting things that happen everyday here at Marshall School! And we want you to know about them, primarily so that you, as a vital member of our school community, can be here to takepart in them along with us, and also so you can share in our many celebrations, successes, and special events from any vantage point, throughout the school year.

We’ve woven together what we hope is a helpful web of communication tools at Marshall this year. Hopefully, via one or more of the simple means below, you’ll be able to quickly-and-easily keep in touch with us as we work our way through the coming school year.

The Marshall School Blog
The Marshall School Blog, the website you're looking at right now, is a new-this-year addition to our bag of communication tools, and we’re very excited about it. The Marshall School Blog can always be found online at Please refer to it regularly, if not daily, for ongoing, up-to-the-minute news about what’s going on in-and-around our school. You will also find important links to many of our other communication tools (below) on the blog.

The Marshall School Facebook Page
By following us on Facebook you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with all of the posts on The Marshall School Blog, plus you'll see our occasional status updates and reminders in your news feed, too. You can find our page at or simply by searching “Marshall School” on Facebook.

The Marshall School Master Calendar
The Marshall School Master Calendar is updated all the time and will be up-to-date and accurate each and every time you log in. You can link to it from the blog, or bookmark it directly at

The Official Marshall School Website
Marshall School actively maintains an official FUSD school website at On our official school webpage you will be able find contact information for our faculty and staff, visit your child’s classroom webpage, as well as follow links to our blog updates, and find a few neat opportunities to view some of our awesome online student work, videos, slideshows, and more.

Marshall School Connect-Ed
The Connect-Ed messaging system enables us to communicate with you via telephone about school events and other important issues. For this system to function effectively it’s important for the school to have current, up-to-date telephone numbers and email addresses for each family. Please help us ensure we have this data by completing and returning the white Emergency Form card that will be sent home with your child on the first day of school.

The Marshall Magnet school newsletter
For every member of our school community, but especially for our families who prefer it, we will print and publish a trimesterly school newsletter, The Marshall Magnet, during the upcoming school year. To ensure everyone is aware of what’s been happening at Marshall, the newsletter will feature many of our previously published blog posts, plus other new, relevant articles, too. Look forward to it near the beginning of each grading period. The Marshall Magnet issue number one should go home with your child sometime late September.

The Marshall School Marquee
Be sure to check the marquee, located in front of the school building, facing Bonito Street, whenever you drive by. It’s a quick and simple way to get a bit of the flavor of what we’ve got going on and what’s coming up.

Mr. Coe’s email.
Have a concern? A brainstorm? A burning question? Mr. Coe’s just an email away. Contact him directly at

Mrs. Jimenez and the School Office Staff
Mrs. Jimenez and the rest of our awesome office staff are always ready to assist you in whatever ways they can. Stop in to the front office, or give them a call [928-773-4030] if you’re wondering about anything that has to do with Marshall School.

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